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Continuing Education

Lecture #1
Course Title: Innovations in Solid State Lighting (LED's)
Course Description: An introduction to light emitting diodes (LED's) including an overview on how solid state lighting creates light. A discussion on the various benefits and challenges pertaining to LED's. Examples of new LED technology, design strategies, and applications using LED lighting fixtures in Architectural Lighting.

Lecture #2

Course Title: Light Lamps and Ballasts
Course Description: The lecture begins with a discussion on the visible light spectrum and key lamp terminology such as CRI, Kelvin temperature, efficiency, lumens, and footcandles. A more detailed discussion will be held on the evolution of lamp sources, the type of lamps available for architectural lighting, and finally ballasts, drivers, and transformers needed for particular lamps.

Lecture #3

Course Title: Sustainable Lighting Design - For Exterior Applications
Course Description: An overview of the three main elements of Light Pollution which include light trespass, sky glow, and glare, as well as methods to reduce it. An analysis on the creation and importance of a candela distribution curve and how it pertains to site lighting applications. An overview of IESNA's exterior lighting cutoff classifications, distribution curves and an introduction to Lighting Zones. Finally, a synopsis of current Sea Turtle legislation and LEED-NC's Sustainable Site Credit 8.

Lecture #6
Course Title: Architectural Lighting Controls
Course Description: Overview of current code issues regarding controls for the State of Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee. An introduction to the types of controls available such as occupancy sensors, photosensors, relay control panels, low voltage switches, astronomical time clocks, touch screen control panels, and building energy management systems. Finally, the benefits and energy savings pertaining to lighting controls.

Lecture #8

Course Title: The Florida Energy Code
Course Description: A working knowledge of the current Florida Energy Code 13-415 pertaining to lighting power consumption and controls for Commercial Buildings. A discussion on the types of spaces included and exempted from the code. Review the mandatory interior and exterior lighting power consumption as well as the mandatory lighting control requirements. Finally, a breakdown of the pros and cons of the building area method versus the space-by-space method for calculating watts per square foot.

Lecture #9

Course Title: The Georgia & Tennessee Energy Codes Course
Description: A working knowledge of the current International Energy Conservation Code-Chapter 5, Section 505 regarding Commercial Building Energy Efficiency for Lighting Systems. Key elements discussed include lighting control requirements, wattage & efficiency limitations, and interior & exterior lighting power allowances. Changes from the 2003-2006 IECC including the adoption of the alternative ASHRAE 90.1 method.

Lecture # 11

Course Title: LEED Looks at Lighting - LEED-NC
Course Description: An overview of the Lighting and Energy related credits pertaining to LEED for New Construction and Major Renovation (LEED-NC). Credits and methods discussed include prerequisites, EAc1, EAc5, IEQc6.1, IEQc8.1&8.2, SSc8, and IDc1.1.

Lecture # 12

Course Title: Lighting for LEED-Healthcare
Course Description: An overview of the 15 Lighting and Energy related credits pertaining to LEED for Healthcare (LEED-Healthcare). Credits and methods discussed include prerequisites, EAc1, EAc5, MRc4.1, EQc6.1, SSc8, & IDc1.1.

Lecture # 13

Course Title: Building Commissioning
Course Description: A discussion on the current issues facing the building industry regarding the building energy systems. An in-depth discussion on the definition of a Commissioning Authority as well as guidelines, benefits, and solutions pertaining to successful commissioning. Also included is an overview of the LEED EA prerequisite 1-Fundamental Commissioning of the Building Energy Systems and EA Credit 2 - Enhanced Commissioning.



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