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Rising Electric Cost

Rising electrical costs across the U.S. are a great concern for multi-site facility owners. The deregulation process on the supply side has failed in states that once considered this the solution of “choice.” Other states that formerly enjoyed low electrical costs are now feeling the impact. The end result for all consumers is a direct hit to the bottom line. These supply-side challenges are leading customers to pursue alternate Demand Side Management (DSM) disciplines.

The good news is that timing has never been better to counteract these rising electrical costs. SESCO Lighting’s Energy Solutions Program provides a comprehensive package of products, expertise and services for your commercial and industrial facilities. We’re able to replace your older, inefficient lighting with new energy-efficient lighting systems and controls. This means of energy conservation is the quickest return on investment compared to all other DSM saving disciplines, including HVAC systems, Building Envelope Measures and even Water Conservation.

In addition, SESCO integrates the Federal Government’s “2005 Energy Policy Act” (as amended and extended by Congress October 3, 2008) when addressing your new lighting system. With adherence to specific ASHRAE guidelines, this congressionally implemented policy potentially allows customers to deduct the total cost of energy conservation measures in one fiscal year. Implementation of the above must occur prior to December 31, 2013. SESCO Lighting will not only align the most appropriate lighting system(s) for the specific application, but with a commitment to SESCO product, there is no charge for traditional project management fees. SESCO will help reduce operational costs and secure the type of financial return on investment that your management teams will embrace.

We strive to implement technologies that reduce operational costs while improving light levels and associated comforts. We don’t stop there. We urge our customers to evaluate controlling these new loads with sensor technology or more advanced electronic-based controls. The technology is available and SESCO Lighting’s family of services is looking forward to introducing it to you.

For more information on how you and your company can go green,
contact our Energy Specialist, Mike Siner.

Mike Siner
Energy Specialist
Telephone: (407) 629-6100
E-Mail: msiner@sescolighting.com

Mike Siner



Energy Star Partnership

Energy Star Partnership

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